Growing Iris

A thought worth noting… if you learn anything helpful here you can only imagine how much more valuable it will be to come to a society meeting and ask and enjoy sharing iris information with
friends. . . .

Irises are one of the most beautiful and the easiest garden perennials to grow. Plant sizes range from 5 inches to ~5 feet tall. Flowers can be as small as 2 inches or as large as 8 inches. They come in a wide array of colors and patterns.

Irises also come in different types. Those most easily grown in our area are: Bearded, Aril and Arilbred, Spuria, and Louisiana. Each type includes varieties that bloom early, middle, and late in the season. By growing different types and varieties, you can extend the bloom season – usually March through May.

Irises like sun. If your planting site has only a half day of sun, the morning sun is preferable. Irises will not bloom in deep shade.

Irises like well drained soil except for Louisiana Iris which like water. No water should stand in the bed. If necessary, raise the bed slightly above the level of the surrounding area.

Irises like good air circulation. Provide growing space appropriate to the type of iris. Keep beds clean and free of weeds and other debris..

A Sun Country Iris Society member’s garden in Payson